Best Fun Things To Do In Brick, New Jersey

Are you a New Jersey local or a tourist who is visiting Brick for the very first time? Or maybe you have just moved to the town of Brick and you are looking out for fun things to do, whatever the case may be, we know how boring it can be being indoors all day in a different town and having no idea what to do for fun. We do not want you to suffer such a fate which is why we have put together this list of fun things you can do if you are in the Brick area of New Jersey so that you can keep the boredom at bay and fill your life with exciting new experiences.

There are plenty of great things to do in New Jersey when it comes to fun, family, and entertainment — but axe throwing is definitely at the top of our list!

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Some of the Best Things to Do in Brick, NJ

A lot of these activities can be done on your own or with an entourage so there is a bit of fun in there for everyone. Grab a pack of snacks and your smartphone or camera because we can guarantee there are a lot of sights you would love to document and share with all of your friends and family. So without further ado, here is a list of fun things the town of Brick has to offer you.

● Ready to roll bike rentals
● Golfatron
● brick beach 1
● Mantoloking bridge county park
● Coastline adventures surfing school
● Midstream rental
● Glow golf
● Pinots palette
● True rest float spa
● PJ Sweeney’s restaurant and Irish pub

Ready to roll bike rentals

If you love to go bike riding or you want to take time out to learn how to ride a bike while you are in Brick, then you need to contact ready to roll bike rentals as soon you as find yourself in brick. They offer bike rental services where you get to pick any type of bicycle and ride around the town of brick for a few hours or the whole day. You can soak up the sights of Brick’s beautiful scenery while getting some exercise in, talk about two birds with one stone! One of the best things about this bike rental service is that they deliver the bikes right to you, so there is no need for you to visit their shop, simply contact them with all the information on what bike you need and they will have it delivered to you and come back to pick it up when you are done enjoying your bike rides, bike pick up and delivery is free! this is one really convenient feature. The bikes also come with helmets, baskets for carrying stuff around and locks to keep the bikes safe in the event you need to stop somewhere and the bike will be out of your sight.


Golfing is a favorite pastime for many, even the United States president has been known to take a break from performing his presidential duties to enjoy a good golfing session and we are sure if he is ever in the Brick area of New Jersey, he would love to visit the Golfatron. An appealing game arena for both amateurs and professionals, Bricks indoor golf simulation arena is the perfect place to have fun and polish your golfing skills. Whether you are in training to be the next Tiger Woods or you simply enjoy a good potting session, head down to the Golfatron for a pleasant golfing experience which you can enjoy no matter what the weather is like outside.

Visit Brick Beach 1

This beach is a must-see for anyone who loves a good view of the ocean while relaxing and sunbathing on a clean stretch of sandy beach. It is very well maintained and there are lifeguards on hand to ensure the safety of all beachgoers, the beach has enough parking space, and concessions stand where you can get snacks or drinks. They also have outdoor showers so you can wash off the grains of sands after frolicking around on the beach and lockers where you can safely store your belongings while you have fun in the ocean. The beach is open from morning till 5 pm every day.

Mantoloking bridge county park

This park is great for those who love crabbing, it is a nice and clean park that has restrooms, parking areas, and clean running water. There is a 70-foot pier you can sit on and fish (there is a healthy population of snapper bluefish and blowfish in the area) or use as a shade when the sun gets too high. It is free to visit this park so you can save your money for buying snacks or buying crabbing lines and other equipment you need to enjoy a full crabbing and sightseeing experience. There are picnic areas and gazebos where you can relax and enjoy quality time with your friends out of the sun.

Coastline adventures surfing school

If you have always wanted to learn to surf, now is the perfect time to learn! Coastline adventures surfing school has 23 years of experience teaching surfing and standing paddle boarding so you are in completely safe hands. They also provide surf camps and a variety of other lessons like snowboarding, tai chi lessons, and skateboarding classes. They are certified by the Red Cross Association and the national surf school and instructors association and are committed to teaching surfing and stand up paddle boarding as a lifestyle that covers ocean science, surf etiquette, water safety, and so many more important topics are covered.

Midstream rental

Midstream rental is right on the water in Brick and offers you a variety of items to rent and enjoy like kayaking and paddle boarding. They also do paddleboard yoga which is a fun and different way to practice meditation. You can fish on the fresh water while you paddle your kayak around and also cast your lines for crabs. All of this is available at affordable rates and even if you bring your own equipment, you can still enjoy using them while enjoying their other services like bird watching, or photographing the beautiful scenery

Glow golf miniature golfing

Whether you like to play or watch others play, visiting glow golf for minutiae golfing session is an experience you will not be quick to forget. There are about 54 holes of golfing at affordable rates and since it is indoors, you can use it at any time and in any weather. It’s a great way to learn how to hold your own as a golfer before moving on to major put greens. The glow in dark feature adds an extra layer of fun and their staff is available if you need any assistance.

Pinots palette

Learn to paint and draw artistic pieces with painting lessons at Pinots Palette. The offer great parties like wine and painting parties which are perfect for birthday celebrations, team building exercises or bachelorette parties. One of its most appealing features is that you can bring your own drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic and the establishment will provide glasses and ice for you and your group to enjoy your refreshments responsibly. It’s a great way to bond and enjoy a relaxing activity like painting a beautiful sunset while sipping a glass of wine.

True rest float spa

True rest float spa brings a unique spin to relaxation by employing the floating method. Here you float in an enclosed tub of water filled with Epsom salts and essential oils to help you relax. You experience weightlessness as you float in Epsom salts that help relieve pain and ease your tense muscles after all the fun activities you have been to all day by draining lactic acid from your muscles. The Epsom salts used are also great for exfoliating your skin and releasing toxins and heavy metals from your body. You also get to meditate and relieve stress in an environment free from external stimuli which can be quite distracting, being deprived of these distractions helps clear your mind and makes you experience feelings of euphoria.

PJ Sweeney’s restaurant and Irish pub

For those who enjoy the nightlife, PJ Sweeney’s restaurant provides the perfect scene for enjoying cocktails and some dancing while you are in Brick. It is a fun traditional Irish restaurant that serves Irish food as well as American favorites like fish and chips and draft beers. They also have events hosted here regularly so if you are in luck you might catch one of them in progress and enjoy the festivities. It is cozy and has outdoor sitting areas as well as a fireplace so you can relax and enjoy an evening of great conversation. It has live music and is a great place to watch sports with fellow fans and it also has wheelchair access and sitting.

There is no shortage of fun activities to do when you are in Brick, New Jersey and with this handy guide of fun day and night time activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From beaches and indoor entertainment centers, water activities like surfing, stand up paddling, paddleboard yoga and kayaking to night time dining or visiting a sip and paint spot, we are quite sure your schedule will be quite busy with zero room for boredom.