Best Fun Things to Do in Toms River, New Jersey

Toms River, NJ is a beautiful waterside city with a variety of activities to do for tourists, visitors or residents of the municipality. Whether you are looking for a fun place for the kids, know more about the history, arts, and culture of the place, there is always one extra fun place for you.

So whether you want to spend some alone or romantic time by the beachside or soak up the sun, or enjoy some outdoor activities, Toms River has entertainment and spark that will keep you coming back for more.

The coastal city is laden with beautiful parks, picnic areas, spectacular natural habitat garden, and plenty of educational areas that will keep you updated about nature and the environment.

If you are there with friends or looking to catch some really good fun, we have scoured the length and breadth for some breathtaking scenes in the Toms River area, NJ.

There are plenty of great things to do in New Jersey when it comes to fun, family, and entertainment — but axe throwing is definitely at the top of our list!

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Ortley Beach, Toms River

This beautiful sandy beachfront is an ocean beachfront, but you have to a beach fee before using the amenities on the beach. Whether you want to lay out a picnic mat and enjoy the scenery or participate in the fun activities; you will never run short of ideas and fun activity to do. Some activities on the Ortley beach are surfing, fishing and swimming in the clean and pristine waters. The oceanfront allows for you to bring your own food and has the basic amenities like showers and restrooms and a lifeguard for the swimmers.

Toms River Farmers Market

If you are a food or drink lover, if you are in Toms River during the months of June to October, you can get a taste of locally grown produce, freshly baked foods, sauces, and candy.

With convenient parking space in the region, you can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs, honey, nuts, coffee, spice mix olives, and salts or even enjoy delicious crab cakes, smoothies from a smoothie truck, hot dog, pulled pork or excellent wines. Furthermore, keep these dates in mind to enjoy some of what Toms Rivers Local farmers give to the region every 1st Wednesday of each month and enter a raffle to win a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • June 6 – Strawberries and lettuce
  • July 4 – Blueberries and sweet corn
  • August 1 – peaches and Tomatoes’
  • September 5 – plum and eggplants
  • October – 3 apples and pumpkins

If you are a farmer, you can be a vendor at the event and make some good money too.

Toms River Fitness & Aquatic Center

Well, there is absolutely no excuse to skip fitness and exercises because you are on vacation. The fitness and aquatic center has been in business for 30 years with a facility equipped with a daycare center, and fun activities for kids to indulge in to give you ample time to interact with other adults.  Don’t leave without trying the acquarobics or swimming after sweating off some weight.

Ocean Country Historical Society

This is NJ’s outstanding historical societies and has been part of the Ocean County since the 1950s. You can learn all about the history of the region or enjoy a grand tour around the museum. Some upcoming must attend events are:

The Theodore Roosevelt comes to the Ocean County Historical Society on the 24th of March 2019 or a Bus trip to the grounds for sculptures in Hamilton township on the 18th of April or the books and collectible sale on the 19th and 20th April 20. Come, learn, be inspired and educated at the events.

Bacchus Winemaking Club

You can’t visit Toms River and not go wine tasting or making. Well if you have ever thought of making wine all by yourself, then come to the Bacchus winemaking club for fun, unique and delicious experience. You can start by crushing grapes tasting and bottling the wine and even adding your own customs made label. So if you want to be part of the Bacchus winemaking family, Toms River is the place to be.

Simply Skin Spa

Simply skin spa is the place you should be when in Toms River. Enjoy a girl’s day out with your friends and get the best facial, manicure, pedicure and massage by one of the best professional masseuses in a relaxing atmosphere. Simply skin spa is the best way to catch your breath after a long day in Toms River.

River Lady, Toms River

The River Lady is a cruise boat replica of the paddle boat that sails on the waterways that surround the Toms River Coastal region. The cruise carries a total of 130 people and with its Victoria style design that matches the ambiance on the waters. The boat also offers some beautiful views from the upper deck while you enjoy sumptuous lunch and dinner by yourself or with a loved one. It is certainly a time away from the kids and the noise of the city.

The William J Dudley Park

Well, there is really much to say about it as the park tells its story but when you are visiting Toms River, come to this park for some kayaking, canoeing, and the loveliest hiking paths anywhere in the area.

Ocean County Library

Books, books and more books, if you are a reader or working on a project, the Ocean County might not look like a fun place to be, but if you have been looking for a book, you will find it here. It is a great place for conventional book searches or the use of innovation to make your search smoother and faster.

Rinn Duin Brewing

Get your taste buds dancing to the distinctive and unique UK and Irish brand established by a father and daughter team in 2014? Share in the heritage and traditions of the family by gulping down fine and exotic beers with a sweet history on how it all started at the brewery. Come with your friends to the cozy bar overlooking the brewery and have a wonderful evening.

My Sister’s Jewelry Box

Located outside the Toms River area, this antique jewelry store is one that most people that come to Toms River stop by just get a look at some to the innovative, unique and beautiful designs in this shop. If you are living the Toms River area, this little shop is your perfect stop for s unique piece that has the heart, soul, and love from the Ocean County. The collection is plenty with many designs to choose from.

The Waterhouse Museum

Update your knowledge of the American military with a visit to this museum set up by ex-US marine Charles Waterhouse. The museum has unique historic items and stories about the American Revolutionary War and tribute to the Marine Corps who are the biggest supporter for most of the artifacts in the museum.

The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

Get your cameras ready for the best pictures from this national wildlife park. Spanning across 40,000 acres with 6000 acres of wetland, this is the only place where you can feast your eyes on some exotic birds and their young. You can also enjoy unique habitat, trees and plant species particular to the area.

Cattus Island County Park

A very popular tourist destination; you have to visit this island when in Toms River.  The calmness and peace that the park exudes relax you as you walk through the park savoring the beautiful surrounding and becoming one with nature. This is a place where the entire family can visit, but if you are in Toms River for some truly relaxing times, the natural park will do just that – relax you, educate you and give you the best of Toms River, NJ.

The Island Beach Park

Another spot in Toms River that is a must come; this yet unfinished barrier island covers a space of 3000 acres offering visitors and locals nature’s view or osprey colonies, wading birds, peregrine falcons, and other unique feathered friends found here.

Well, that is not all you do here, the beautiful coastal waters allow you to enjoy all water sport activities like swimming, surfing, and fishing but if you just want to soak in the ambiance of the park, get your towel on the beach and just relax.

There are tons of places to see and visit when in Toms River and whether you are prepared or not, you will always find something interesting that tickles your fancy to make you want to visit again.

Aside from the places to see, Toms River has some exotic beachfront and is a starting point to seeing what Ocean County has to offer; with shopping malls and restaurants located at every point, you will enjoy good food, wines, beers and drinks as you chew on the best locally produced foods by passionate chefs.

Toms River is accessible by all methods of transportation, but taking a road trip is always the best way to start when visiting here.